How to Pick a Good Medical Billing Company

How to Pick a Good Medical Billing Company

How to Pick a Good Medical Billing Company

14 July, 2020   Antora Solutions

With several options out there to choose a medical billing and coding partner or the outsourcing company for the same work can be tricky. There are several things to consider before deciding what sort of contract or relationship there should be, the complex areas of outsourcing, compliance with statutory obligations, etc. All health care facilities want a professional company with a good track record who can deliver the result promptly. These are broad requirements. Let us elaborate on these and share the specific points that one should look for to Pick a Good Medical Billing Company. These are as follows:

Experience – The experience in the medical billing and coding sector holds the key coupled with how satisfied the clients were? The experience should also result in a strong reputation for the medical billing and coding partner.

Staff size and specialty – A single coder may not fulfill all the requirements of the coding process. Hence asking to disclose the staff size is a good thing. General healthcare billing practices and specialty billing practices are different and cannot be substituted in case of a lack of resources. Hence, adequate staff must be maintained for all seasons.

Cost breakdown – To get the right billing partner on board, it is advisable to clear the terms and conditions of payment in advance. Medical billing and coding companies work on flat fees, the commission charged by percentage, or a combination of both. Under the cost breakdown, you may also demand to disclose any additional fee for special services to be rendered.

HIPAA Compliance – The best is to work with the HIPAA compliant medical billing and coding company. This would give you peace of mind as the company would never mess around any confidential data.

Software Platform – All medical billing companies use special software to perform the job in hand. In case your healthcare facility is using existing software, your dental billing and coding partner should have the flexibility to accommodate such requests.

Outsourcing Medical Billing Process

Considering the points mentioned above, it is evident that medical billing and coding partners must be adept in what they do and should carry a good repo. Outsourcing is a means by which a healthcare facility can ensure all the above. Antora Solutions is the company that fulfills all the criteria mentioned in the blog and more. Outsourcing Medical Billing Process to us has brought many advantages to our clients. We provide constant training to our employees about the updates of codes and keep our clients posted about the same. This brings much-needed transparency in the sector. With no hidden cost involved, we are the cost-efficient partner or all medical billing and coding needs. Based on our client feedback, where we hardly got any complaints, we carry a professional attitude towards our work where deadlines are being met and all regulatory compliance is taken care of. With our pan USA presence and various information centers, we provide 365 days of client support to ease their operations. We are an ISO-certified firm with all necessary expertise in terms of technology, manpower and other infrastructure to meet the healthcare sector’s requirement.

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