Medical Billing Company in New Jersey

Medical Billing Company in New Jersey

Medical Billing Company in New Jersey

13 March, 2020   Antora Solutions

Medical billing and coding is a critical component of healthcare service providers in New Jersey. Medical billing is also known as medical coding but there is a slight difference between the two. Medical billing is a process whereby a healthcare provider, be it an individual physician or a hospital, needs to submit, follow up on, and appeal claims with insurance companies to get their payment in exchange for service rendered. On the other hand, medical coding is part of medical billing where appropriate codes need to be assigned against all laboratory testing, diagnosis, treatments, pricing, etc. Medical billing & coding has become a skilled job in New Jersey and all over the USA. However, since the process is complicated, it is better to hire services of expert medical billing and coding company.  Antora Solutions is a leading medical billing company in New Jersey. We assist physicians and healthcare providers in New Jersey and at other places with our range of services like medical coding, prior authorization, eligibility; benefits verification, cash/payment posting, credentialing, medical transcription, patient scheduling, claims submission, charge entry, claims denial management, reprocessing of claims, etc.

Antora Solutions comes with a complete package. We manage and optimize the collection process, claim denial management while staying compliant with HIPAA norms. We deal with all stakeholders involved in the process like the patient, medical billing company, hospital, insurance service provider, etc. We are known for accurate interpretation, posts insurance, patient customer service for billing to maintain the maximum reimbursement.

Why you need a medical billing expert?

The process of medical billing and coding is tiresome and frustrating at times. It is always better to hire an expert for the process. It saves on time and cost both. Our medical billing experts are well acquainted with the payers’ community in New Jersey. We can track the reasons for claim denials and take necessary actions to plug the gap. There is a less chance of revenue loss in any case when one has the medical billing expert - Antora Solutions by their side. Experts in medical billing and coding process have the following advantages:

1) Lower cost of operations

2) Increased operational efficiency 

3) Reduced claim rejection & follow-ups

4) HIPAA compliance 

5) Payment posting

6) Customizing billing reports

7) Submission of claims in both electronic and paper form to primary and secondary insurers, etc.

The points mentioned above are indicative. Healthcare providers will be benefitted from an overall increase in the efficiency of the organization. Doctors can devote more time to patients and nursing staff need not involve in the nitty-gritty of paperwork. For more details on how Antora Solutions can add value to the organization, please feel free to get in touch with us.