Medical Billing Specialists

Medical Billing Specialists

Medical Billing Specialists

30 May, 2020   Antora Solutions

The healthcare service industry is evolving at a fast pace and is becoming more complicated especially when the industry has to deal with multiple fronts like insurance companies, patients, compliances, etc.  All medical facilities have to deal with a certain amount of medical billing and coding. They need to coordinate with other agencies for insurance and patient invoices. Doctors and clinical staff may perform this work but it is not advisable because 1) it will consume their time and 2) they may not be able to focus on patients. Healthcare service providers need Medical Billing Specialists or companies to perform this administrative task. These specialists ensure that medical service providers are reimbursed for their services on time. 

The medical facilities either can hire these specialists on their payroll or they may outsource it to medical billing and coding companies. Irrespective of the size of the healthcare facility, it is always advisable to go for outsourcing the medical billing and coding work to specialists companies. These companies will cost cheaper compared to in-house resources at the medical facility. The cost of outsourcing to medical billing and coding specialist companies is low because of economies of scale. Companies like Antora Solutions work for various clients and provide error-free medical billing and coding services.

Your medical billing and coding expert – Antora Solutions

Medical coding and billing is an office job opposed to front end patient caring and clinical work. A specialist manages insurance claims, invoices, and payments during the day-to-day activity. The other work includes properly coding services, procedures, diagnoses, and treatments, payment tracking, coordination with insurance companies and patients on bills receivables, correcting rejected claims, etc.  Antora Solutions is known as a medical billing and coding expert. The work mentioned above is performed with perfection at our place. We understand that all medical healthcare facilities are different and the approach – one size fits all, doesn't work in the industry. We have a team of experienced medical coding and billing specialists and guarantee the HIPAA compliant work. Since medical billing and medical coding are two different verticals, we have a specialized workforce for both.

Within the healthcare industry, the maintenance of medical records is facing many changes. We keep a track of all updates to ensure better use of electronic health records (EHRs). We are professional in our approach, all our dental billing specialists at Antora have following skills to touch the perfection in their work:

1) Attention to details

2) Multitasking 

3) Active listening and good verbal communication

4) Humility

5) Empathy

6) Proactive approach

If you are looking to ease your burden of work and hire a medical billing and coding expert then Antora Solutions is the right choice. With professionalism and error-free processing, your billing and coding needs will be well-taken care of. Get in touch with our team for more details.