Medical Coding Service Providers

Medical Coding Service Providers

Medical Coding Service Providers

13 March, 2020   Antora Solutions

Medical coding is the conversion of the healthcare services rendered to their respective universal alphanumeric codes assigned. These healthcare services include medical diagnosis, line of treatment, prescribed medicines, laboratory tests & results, etc. Medical Coding Service providers ensures that the codes get appropriately assigned during the medical billing process. The process involves extracting the information from medical record credentials, physicians’ or doctor’s clarification, assigning suitable codes and raising claims to the insurance companies for the payment. The process seems to be a piece of cake but for healthcare service providers, it’s not! Most of the skilled nursing setups are demanding assistance from professional medical billing & coding experts. It has been found in numerous cases where even the most experienced MDS coordinator or senior staff member, who are certified medical coding experts, may not have the understanding of minute details coding. It leads to errors in the process and the magnitude of errors for a healthcare service provider is huge leading to financial losses. The potential errors that may occur from an in-house medical coder are:

1) Incorrect Procedure codes

2) Missing documents

3) Unbundling

4) re-sequence codes on readmission

5) Improper reporting of injection codes

All these errors and more collectively leads to the inconsistency in payment receivables and increase the overall cost of operations.

Medical Coding Services in the USA

Antora Solutions is one of the leading organizations in this field that ensures accurate and efficient medical billing and coding processes for healthcare service providers. In the first place, Antora Solutions removes the biggest obstacle of hiring, training and retaining expert in-house medical coders, who are often prone to errors. If not errors, having them in-house is expensive in itself. On the other hand, our expertise leads to lower costs, increase revenue, no errors, faster reimbursements, HIPPA compliance, and an increase in the overall efficiency of the healthcare service provider. Our skilled professionals have a comprehensive and proven medical coding service in the USA. People deployed by us for a particular account has been thoroughly considered for the same. They are trained to match our client’s operations to facilitate the seamless integration of coding and practice. If you are looking for a HIPPA compliant and professional medical billing and coding service provider, then you have landed at the right place. Let us optimize a part of your operations with accurate coding so that each patient gets billed properly, every invoice sent and payments get credited in a timely manner.