Dental Billing

Dental Billing Solutions

The primary focus of any dentist is to offer dental care to patients. The second most crucial area of their operations is dental billing and coding. Healthcare service providers need to optimize their revenue cycle to ensure their long term sustainability. From the collection process, claims denial management, to staying compliant with HIPAA norms, streamlining everything is a complex task that constitutes the dental billing process and keeps the revenue cycle running. The process also involves multiple interactions with different parties involved in the process like the dentists, insurance companies, the patient and the dental billing company while keeping them updated 24*7. Either the dental provider can ask their office staff members at their disposal to engage in dental billing and coding or can outsource the work to Dental Billing Solution specialists like Antora. The first option has more cost implications than the second one. Hence, there is no need to invest in costly manpower or make dental professionals into doing dental billing and coding when they should be providing dental care; it is best worked upon by experts specifically trained for dental billing and coding. Outsourcing is the most suitable thing for dentists to go for these days.

Dental Billing Company

Antora Solutions is one of the leading dental billing and coding service provider to a number of firms in the USA. Irrespective of the size of the healthcare business one has, our seasoned & skilful manpower can be a top choice for outsourcing dental billing and coding. Our end- to-end services are HIPAA compliant, follow all provisions of HITECH act; and assure the sound optimization of billing operations. We coordinate with insurance companies, providers, hospitals, and patients with the highest quality, accuracy, and eliminate any glitches in the process. We complete all the formalities and applications with the government and other appropriate parties. Our services include dental coding, prior authorization, eligibility & benefits verification, cash/payment posting, credentialing, patient scheduling, claims submission, claims denial management, reprocessing of claims, etc.

Dental Billing Solutions

What Dental Billing Companies do?

The objective of Antora Solutions is to make the critical aspect of dental treatment – The billing process easier for our clients and their staff. The most prominent way adopted by alldental billing companies is to bring people, process and technology involved in the healthcare sector on the same page. We, at Antora, apply required business analytics and process automation wherever needed. Here, the components mentioned above are managed and guided at our end only. Outsourcing brings the following advantages to dental healthcare providers:

  • No need to provide any additional training to employees
  • Pay only for the work hours
  • No interruption of phone calls from patients and insurance firms
  • Increase treatment acceptance & patient acceptance

Outsource Dental Billing

The hiring of companies having expertise in dental billing is a trend now. Whenever dentists face issues in this vertical, the solution is simple – outsource dental billing and coding. The practice probably has its obvious reasons. It reduces the denials, improves revenue, optimizes payments, and at the end, it brings a smile on all faces. A growing dental practice cannot survive at the mercy of insurance companies. Spending precious hours out of practice to figure our proper codes, filing them, etc. is troublesome. When the practice starts at the clinic the focus should be on the patient rather than codes. Moreover, it diverts attention. Outsourcing billing and coding can shed this burden. At Antora Solutions, we have the only job to deal with insurance companies, codes, and patients. We work as Revenue Upswing Partner rather than an outsourced vendor.

Antora adds value in the process by providing cost and time effectiveness in dental billing and coding. With services like data entry, customer service, accounts receivable management, etc. managed by us, it can be a highly competitive edge for any dental care provider in terms of saving time and cost. Having a dental billing company like us at disposal, for the billing process, one can realign its resources and strategy for future growth and relieve oneself from an additional burden. The security of data is always on our priority hence we double sure our work to be done as per the provisions of HIPAA and HITECH acts.